TaskAddIn 1.0

No Image AddIn. Task-AddIn ist he perfect helper for your daily work with Outlook task. Wit Task-AddIn you can show your planed, closed, critical or just task belonging to one category. And you are of course able to search your tasks. You can define your own html templates and define the look and feel of generated reports. With various parameter setting you are able to influence the behaviour of Task-AddIn. Task-AddIn is COM-Object running as Outlook Add-

XL-Addin 1.1: XL-Addin is an Excel add-in suite especially designed for Excel  professionals
XL-Addin 1.1

XL-Addin exporter: transform your Excel workbooks into professional web pages or presentations that could be shared or published. XL-Addin analyzer: allow auditors and managers to evaluate the performance and complexity of any workbook regardless workbook size, number of worksheets or code complexity. Quickly compare worksheets/ranges from thesame or from different workbooks or even from the same worksheet using XL-Addin compare tool.

workbook analyzer, navigator, export to power point, excel content sheet, add in, ranges, spreadshet, excel, random generator, export as web page, worksheets compare

CurveFitter ExcelAddIn 1.0: Excel AddIn package performing non-linear least square regression analysis
CurveFitter ExcelAddIn 1.0

This Excel Addin incorporates curve fitting functionality using non-linear least square regression analysis. This is equipped with intuitive tutorials for user to start using immediately. Using your original Excel sheet filled with data and assigned equation, the CurveFitter ExcelAddIn calculates best fit parameter values with standard deviation. The result will be written in a new Excel Sheet with a chart in the same Excel Workbook.

excel addin, regression, curve fit

Likno Web Modal Windows jQuery SlideShow Addin 1.0.0: jQuery slideshow maker software: Make photo SlideShows for your html pages!
Likno Web Modal Windows jQuery SlideShow Addin 1.0.0

Addin for the Likno Web Modal Windows Builder application: Through a single software (Likno Web Modal Windows Builder) you can cover two different needs: creating jQuery dialog popups & photo SlideShows! Combine both functionalities into a single project and create powerful, html window popups and html SlideShows for your websites in just a few clicks! This Addin serves as a SlideShow maker software within the Likno Web Modal Windows Builder and

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PmailAddin 2.01

Addin is also a powerful Add-In for all popular email clients including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express.It is a powerful Add-In for all webmail including Gmail,yahoo mail, and so on.With PMailAddin, you can introduce your products through email directly to the customers with a colorful and lively email, You also can create tables with other database such as client database,supplier database and so on,and you can write your

emoticons, email addin, products tables

Excel Data Cleaner 3.0: Data Cleaner is a valuable addin to automate text removing task for Excel.
Excel Data Cleaner 3.0

addin to automate cleaning tasks like duplicate removal, formatting and counting task for Excel with quality and speed. Also Data cleaner works well with Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. • Data Cleaner can remove all extra spaces in selected columns • This Ms Excel Addin can remove all leading spaces in selected columns • It can remove all trailing spaces in selected columns in Excel. • This Excel addin can remove all alphabets in selected columns

remove duplicate in excel, remove duplicate rows in excel, excel duplicate remover, remove extra spaces in excel, excel duplicate finder, excel data cleaner, ms excel duplicate remover

CreateBackup AddIn for Excel 1.5.9: CreateBackup AddIn for Excel creates backup copies of your Excel workbooks.
CreateBackup AddIn for Excel 1.5.9

Ever wanted to revert to an earlier status of your work in Excel? Frustrated with the inadequate AutoRecovery feature? Working with complex worksheets and needing an easier way to back up your data? Use our convenient and flexible CreateBackup AddIn for Excel to create backup copies of your work easily and reliably. We created the CreateBackup AddIn for Excel for our own needs. Yet, there is no reason you should not benefit from it as well.

excel workbook backups, ms excel backups, excel backup add in, excel backups, microsoft excel backups, create excel backups, excel automatic backups, excel backup files

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